• Make a small space spacious

    How to make a room seem more spacious
    It’s not how much space you have, but rather how you use it that matters! If you’re limited on space, re-consider your decor and furniture choices, you’d be surprised by how big of a difference small tweaks can make! Try these tips to make the most out of a few square feet of space…

  • How to use 2021 Pantone's of the year in your home

    For over 20 years Pantone’s colour of the year has influenced design trends and colour schemes for our interiors. This year, Pantone has released two colours, ‘Ultimate Grey’, a mid-tone grey, and ‘Illumination’, a warm yellow. They explain these two colours as a “marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”


  • 5 Ways to Create a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

    Eliminating waste is becoming a necessity like never before. According to National Geographic, 91% of the world’s plastic never gets recycled, and it takes roughly 400 years to degrade — about 14 generations. With one incremental change at a time, you can reduce your carbon footprint, prevent thousands of pounds of waste, and shrink the demand for wasteful products. Ready to do your part? Learn how to create a zero-waste lifestyle with these tips.

  • Transform your work from home space

    Whether your position has become remote for an unspecified period of time, you’re performing your job on a hybrid basis, or you’re permanently working from home, how you set up your office space in your house is an important matter. Ideally, your home workspace should feel separate from the other parts of the house. It should be outfitted with work-from-home furniture and work-from-home accessories that allow you to concentrate on work, hopefully relatively free from distraction.

  • Furniture Rental Myths Not to Trust

    Furniture Rental Myths Not to Trust

    As a furniture rental company operang for over 35 years, we've heard it all when it comes to myths about rental furniture over the years. But the truth is furniture rental is now more popular than ever, and offering an easy move-in ready solution to your residents is more important than ever. In fact, around 30% of all renters are looking for furnished options. By opening up to the prospect of furniture rental,  you can open up more possibilities to connect and avoid the voids. 

  • Signs you're dealing with working from home burnout

    We’ve all heard the saying, “leave work at work” — a cautionary reminder to maintain a healthy work-life balance. But what happens when your home becomes your workspace?

    Increasingly, workers around the world are going and possibly staying, remote. And although it’s great to avoid that often infuriating commute and swapping your office clothes for tracksuits, there can be some unintentional consequences associated with blending home life and work.

  • 6 reasons why people rent furniture

    You may be asking yourself, “is renting furniture worth it?” The honest answer is it depends! For many people, the value of renting furniture goes far beyond what the furniture looks like and whether it’ll fit in their space. Renting furniture provides peace of mind that your home will be life-ready when you arrive, without having to lift a finger, or pay a moving company.

  • Our staff have been contributing to the COVID support efforts

    Jo Rashbrook, a Customer Service Consultant at Roomservice by CORT for over 10 years  (pictured below left) volunteered to provide fabric masks to the NHS who were running out of PPE as the COVID situation worsened in the Spring. Jo sewed masks, scrubs, and even provided laundry bags so NHS staff could take dirty uniforms home safely. As the need for masks increased, Jo found herself making PPE for care homes, fire stations and even bus drivers.

  • Autumn decor - how to embrace the chill

    How to embrace the chill, with autumn bedroom ideas and more

    The best seasonal decorations take their inspiration right from nature, which offers colours and textures that are easy to incorporate into decorative projects. Here’s some ideas on how to bring some autumn scenery into your home, from autumn bedroom ideas to autumn living room ideas and beyond.

    Turn to Nature

    With bright, colourful leaves, and squashes aplenty, nature offers the best of beauty during the autumn. Reflecting the outdoors is an effortless way to get your home ready for the season.

  • Use. Fix. Reuse. Repeat. Buy.

    It is nearing the end of National Recycle Week in the UK and many of us have been looking at how we can recycle more often and more effectively. But have you ever considered furniture’s role in re-use and recycling? A British Heart Foundation survey of 2,000 first-time buyers and renters last October revealed that one-third of people had thrown away furniture that could have been sold or donated.  These unwanted items often end up in landfill.

  • Is home staging worth it?

    Is home staging worth it?
    When done correctly, staging a home should make your property appeal to the widest range of potential buyers and make your property stand out from others in the local listings.
    So if you’re undecided about whether to stage your property for sale, keep reading! 

    Everyone loves a blank canvas.

  • Home Staging Special Offer

    Home Staging Special Offer – Save 30% Now*

    Home staging is a way of dressing a home to highlight its positives and to help prospective buyers to evaluate the available space. If it’s done correctly, a staged property should appeal to a wide range of buyers and achieve its asking price.

  • Furniture rental for a Manchester Life

    Manchester Life, a joint venture between Abu Dhabi United Group and Manchester City Council, has not only been responsible for the significant regeneration of Ancoats and New Islington in recent years, but it has also become one of the most successful companies in the U.K.’s emerging build to rent sector.

  • Can you benefit from furniture rental?

    Temporary living calls for furniture rental

    You may be on a short-term work assignment, or a flood or fire victim living in a temporary space. If so, your situation calls for short-term furniture rental. You can rent furniture for one month or several – it’s entirely dependent on your needs. Furthermore, there are options when it comes to what and how much you rent – whether you’d like to rent by the room, or by piece; we can furnish your home quickly and efficiently. .


    Roomservice by CORT celebrated their sixth award win at the Association of Relocation Professionals’ Annual Awards Dinner in Westminster, London on 21st June. 

    The event is attended by HR companies, relocation companies and destination service providers, many of which are already clients of Roomservice by CORT. 

  • Furnishing Your Home After an International Move

    Moving country can be a challenge – not only culturally, but in logistical terms too. Whether you are migrating to a different country, or returning home from living abroad, an international move takes more than just hiring a mover to pack and transport your belongings. International distribution can be an expensive route, and you may have to sacrifice possessions if you wish to pay a little less. 

  • Creating A Centrepiece In Your Home

    With spring having just arrived, the new season offers a chance to refresh your room layout and bring in new design trends that can be embraced in your home. From bold prints, soft hues and mid-century modern décor, using the right furniture and accessories within your home can help to create an attention-grabbing stylish centrepiece in your home. 


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