Client Corner

Name: Sharon Hewitt
Job Title: MD
Business: Chiltern Relocation 


What does Chiltern Relocation specialise in?
We specialise in top-tier employees dealing with main board directors and executives who often require a discreet bespoke service.

How did you find yourself working in the relocation industry? 
Chiltern Relocation was created because we felt there was more help needed for companies who were relocating staff into the UK. Often HR departments in companies were given the task and responsibility to guide the new employee with regards to rental locations, school, and lease agreements, without the relevant experience in either of these fields.  This often caused  problems and delays in getting the employee able to concentrate on the new job at hand due to issues with securing the new rental home. We have 30 years of property rental and purchasing experience and felt we were in a good position to speed the process up and make the relocating employee feel cared for and valued.

When I set up Chiltern Relocation from my kitchen table in 2005 I had no idea we would be the multi award-winning relocation company we are today. Hearing new clients come to us because they have been recommended by previous clients is such a great buzz!

What do you like about working in the relocation industry?
Handing over the keys on move in for the relocated employee. This is so rewarding, once a staff member has been offered a relocation package everything in their life is up in the air, house, job, schools etc. We delight in helping families and individuals feel secure again by finding the right rental, in the right location, taking away the stress of the lease agreements and watching them establish themselves and thrive in the new area.

Why did you choose to work with Roomservice?
Roomservice have been fantastic with our clients and every time we use them the feedback has been so positive. From that I have no hesitation on using Roomservice on all our inbound relocations. Right from the delivery team, always turning up on time or prior too, through to the office team, always there to make a smooth move in for our clients! 

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