Furniture Styles and Trends for 2015

Furniture Styles and Trends for 2015

If you require furniture on a temporary basis, furniture hire is an excellent way of keeping your interior design in coordination with the latest trends and emerging styles. It also provides the opportunity to explore new trends mid-year with much greater ease, without the trouble of moving large furniture in and out of your home.

Looking back on 2014, modern sophistication and minimalism take the crown for dominant design strategies, with consumers turning toward simpler styles to create a more welcoming living space.

But what can we expect from the New Year in terms of furniture design? We’ll be exploring some potential trends for interiors in 2015, and how you can keep your living space fresh. Whilst we can’t be entirely sure what will be big and what will not, the following seem to be the biggest contenders.

Combining Metallic and Natural Design Elements
The use of metallic features in furniture is anticipated to be a huge trend for 2015. Bronze and brass elements have been notably on the rise, as well as hints of silverware and very occasionally gold for adding the Midas touch to a furniture set. 2015 will also challenge conventional design ideals, combining metals with natural and organic design elements such as floral imagery and earthy tones, forest greens and wooden materials. Natural elements such as these will give your interiors depth and quality, whilst the metallic aspects add an air of robust stability. Combing these elements was described at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair this year as inspired by Nordic design, which also encompasses aspects of stone, glass, and leather work.

Bold Graphic Prints
Art prints are usually reserved for the wall-space in your home, but a growing trend is transferring these graphic designs onto pieces of furniture, for a uniquely striking look that was very uncommon in 2014. Commonly, having prints on furniture can make the overall interior design of a room seem crowded, but with the rise of minimalist spaces there’s more chance to experiment.

Colour Contrasting
For a good understanding of consumer colour choices for 2014, Pantones colour of the year was Radiant Orchid, a light purple with undertones of pink. This suggests interior trends were aimed toward more vibrant and pastel based colours. However, in 2015 it’s anticipated that the deeper and brooding Marsala will be most popular. It is a rich dark burgundy reminiscent of a red wine, and perfect for creating an appealing modern and inmtimate space. The difference between the two colours highlights rapidly changing design trends moving away from warmer colours and into darker territory.

Ultimately, it’ll be up to you to seek the elements of interior design that suit you. Keep on top of the trends for 2015 through our furniture rental service and our Select Interior Design service and turn your home into a luxurious space.




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