Office Relocation Checklist

Roomservice by CORT – the furniture rental experts

1. Select a Project Manager
Select a person who has the power to make the decisions, knows the business inside out, is great with a budget and is a great communicator 

2. Choose your location carefully
Location, location, location! Choose where you move to carefully. Does it have good transportation links? Is it easy to find/visit? Is there adequate parking?  

3. Budget
Get quotes for EVERYTHING! Rent, service charges, transaction fees, planning permission, design and fit out, furniture rental, marketing costs, storage etc etc. You need to know the financial impact of your move before you make it! 

4. Tax Considerations
Talk to a financial expert, you could receive significant tax breaks based on the expense of the move. Look at leasing options, such as furniture rental. 

5. Office Design and Fit-out
The majority of your budget will be tied up in the fit-out process of your new premises. Speak to an expert who will be able to assess your needs and ensure your new office space allows you space to grow. 

6. Environmentally friendly and sustainable offices
Consider putting energy efficiency at the forefront of your design, maximise natural light and specify furniture from CSR aware companies. You can also rent your furniture from sustainable suppliers. 

7. The neighbourhood
What is in your new neighbourhood? Does your competition have offices next door? Are there potential business partners in the area? Is there somewhere for you and your staff to get lunch?

8. Communications
What will you need for your business to run smoothly? Ensure that you have calculated power points, data points, floor boxes, cabling, servers etc before you move in! 

9. Choosing the right furniture
Furniture can be a huge outlay. Is your existing furniture going to fit into your new office space? Do you need extra storage? Are your chairs ergonomic and made from sustainable materials? Hiring furniture can reduce your capital outlay and improve your bottom line. Furniture rental from Roomservice group is a practical, cost efficient way of ensuring that your furniture is high-quality and fit for purpose. 

10. Planning the move
Talk to everyone who deals with communications, such as IT and your telephone providers, they may need time to test and plan the move. Make arrangements with a removals company and organise the packing and delivery process. De-clutter! Now is the time for a clear out, assign someone to manage the process. Inform staff and customers of the move well in advance.  


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