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Use. Fix. Reuse. Repeat. Buy.

It is nearing the end of National Recycle Week in the UK and many of us have been looking at how we can recycle more often and more effectively. But have you ever considered furniture’s role in re-use and recycling? A British Heart Foundation survey of 2,000 first-time buyers and renters last October revealed that one-third of people had thrown away furniture that could have been sold or donated.  These unwanted items often end up in landfill.

Is home staging worth it?

Is home staging worth it?
When done correctly, staging a home should make your property appeal to the widest range of potential buyers and make your property stand out from others in the local listings.
So if you’re undecided about whether to stage your property for sale, keep reading! 

Everyone loves a blank canvas.

Home Staging Special Offer

Home Staging Special Offer – Save 30% Now*

Home staging is a way of dressing a home to highlight its positives and to help prospective buyers to evaluate the available space. If it’s done correctly, a staged property should appeal to a wide range of buyers and achieve its asking price.

Furniture rental for a Manchester Life

Manchester Life, a joint venture between Abu Dhabi United Group and Manchester City Council, has not only been responsible for the significant regeneration of Ancoats and New Islington in recent years, but it has also become one of the most successful companies in the U.K.’s emerging build to rent sector.

Can you benefit from furniture rental?

Temporary living calls for furniture rental

You may be on a short-term work assignment, or a flood or fire victim living in a temporary space. If so, your situation calls for short-term furniture rental. You can rent furniture for one month or several – it’s entirely dependent on your needs. Furthermore, there are options when it comes to what and how much you rent – whether you’d like to rent by the room, or by piece; we can furnish your home quickly and efficiently. .


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