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Roomservice by CORT scoop Specialist Provider Award for the 2nd Year

From left to right: Graham Smith, Managing Director, Khloe Parrish, Customer Services Consultant, Lloyd Lenson, Chief Operating Officer -CORT, Karen Counterman, Sales Director, Jo Rashbrook, Customer Services Consultant, Iain Crichton, Business Development Consultant.

Roomservice by CORT celebrated their second award win at the Association of Relocation professionals’ Annual Awards Dinner in London on the evening of 10th September.

Coping with Clearing and Finding Accommodation

Finding accommodation after going through Clearing
Going through Clearing can be stressful, so once you’ve got your space confirmed at University, you now need to consider where you are going to live. As you’re getting your University place late, this may mean that there are no places available in University supplied accommodation, meaning you need to start looking elsewhere.
So where do you start? Here are a few tips...

Furniture Rental in the Big City

Making the most out of your property, especially by making use of rental furniture, will make living and working in the city that much more accessible. One of the main advantages is cost effectiveness, in which renting furniture for a sustained period can help alleviate many of the costs that would come with fully furnishing an already costly apartment. Moving around bulky items such as furniture when you live in a crowded city can also be difficult, as well as expensive. With rental furniture, the service is included and covers both the moving in and moving out scenario.

Springtime Interior Design Trends 2015

You may have already felt the soothing benefits of our imminent springtime; the warmer days and longer bouts of sunlight have an effect on us in more ways than just a tan, simply by lifting our moods and spirits, influencing our music tastes or food choices, and almost completely affecting our outlook on the environment around us.


If you are fed-up with your worn-out or ridiculous furniture, enter our competition to win a 9 month rental package and spend your time at University relaxing in style!

Recently moved your sofa up three flights of stairs? Stuck with outdated or hand-me-down furniture? That's when you should've called Roomservice!

Create your perfect Uni space

You’ve made it. All that work has come to fruition and you’ve got your place at University. Starting Uni is a big life transition and settling into a new environment can be challenging. It takes time to adjust to new experiences and all that University has to offer.

You may be in halls or sharing a house with other students; whatever your accommodation is, with a few touches you can make your new space feel warm and homely.

Furniture Styles and Trends for 2015

Furniture Styles and Trends for 2015
Looking back on 2014, modern sophistication and minimalism take the crown for dominant design strategies, with consumers turning toward simpler styles to create a more welcoming living space
But what can we expect from the New Year in terms of furniture design? We’ll be exploring some potential trends for interiors in 2015, and how you can keep your living space fresh. Whilst we can’t be entirely sure what will be big and what will not, the following are the biggest contenders.

Select a style especially tailored for you - interior design for rental

Your living space is one of the few places that you can be creative in and have furniture and accessories that reflect your style and taste. But if you’re living somewhere temporarily, sourcing furniture and waiting for the items to be delivered might not be financially viable for you. That is where our Select interior design service comes in. Our Select service enables you to rent your design. Yes, rent!

Dressing to Sell – Why Rent Show Home Furniture?

There is a good reason we call it home staging. When you’re selling your home you’re essentially putting your home on a stage and saying “here I am”.

First impressions count and that’s why experienced property marketers will put a great deal of thoughts into dressing a property in order to maximise its appeal to potential buyers. Having appropriate furnishings in a home is one of the fundamentals in achieving the best possible price.


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