Flood and fire victims turn to emergency furniture rental

river flood

If you have been the unfortunate victim of home flooding, then finding somewhere safe and comfortable to live while your property is repaired will be the top priority.

Sadly, extreme weather events and flooding have become more prevalent as an effect of climate change. According to the Environment Agency’s latest Flood Action Campaign, 5.2 million households in England are at risk of flooding and if your property is flooded, you are likely to have to move out of your home for an average of five months.

In the wake of such troubling news, it’s reassuring to know that there are options for setting up temporary housing and making yourself feel at home, should you ever have to move for this reason.

river flood

A temporary home to suit your needs 

We work alongside leading loss adjusters, loss assessors, temporary accommodation providers and insurers to help people start afresh when they face a forced relocation situation.

Insurance policies typically cover expenses for maintaining a second temporary residence while your home is repaired or rebuilt, but temporary housing can be expensive, even if your insurance covers the cost. Check your policy and talk to your insurer to understand what you are covered for.

If you expect your displacement to last fewer than 30 days, then you may be put up in a hotel but if repairs are expected to take several months or more, then you will most likely need to rent another property. This will give you more space and privacy. There is sometimes the option to rent a property that is furnished, but if a furnished property is not available, furniture rental is a convenient option. Our furniture rental services are offered from one month onwards.

Furnish wisely

We realise that when you need our help you have probably been through damage, disruption or even lost your home and we understand the stress that comes with that.

Our aim is to provide an immediate, stress-free, emergency furniture rental solution. Our service enables you to move into your temporary accommodation faster as we can deliver our high quality furniture in as little as 48 hours.

If you have lost your furniture in a natural disaster, it is tempting to want to replace everything right away to regain a sense of normality. It’s a good idea to stay conservative with spending until you resolve insurance claims and other issues.

livingroom, bedroom, diningroom

Service tailored for you

We aim to offer a stress-free solution for displaced homeowners. In just a few clicks, you can furnish your entire temporary home — or even your permanent one — to suit your style and budget.

We offer everything from high-quality furniture for the living room, dining room and bedroom through to white goods and the essentials such as kitchenware.

Furniture is expertly installed by our friendly, professional crews with beds made and homewares put away, ready for you to move straight in. We specialise in last minute furniture hire and can usually deliver within as little as 48 hours.

When you are ready to move back into your permanent home, simply give us a call to arrange for the furniture to be collected - no heavy lifting required.

When you need a furniture solution fast for your temporary home, you can rely on us. Call us on