Furnishing Your First Apartment


Moving into your first apartment is an exciting milestone but furnishing it can be a challenging task. The good news is that there is a convenient and cost-effective solution: rental furniture. Read on to learn how to furnish your new apartment using our specially designed service, furniture leasing for rental properties.

Assess Your Furnishing Needs

Before diving into furniture rental options, assessing your furnishing needs is essential. Look at your space, consider the layout, and evaluate any existing furniture or decor you may have. This will help you determine what items you need to rent and what you can keep or repurpose. Start with the essentials and high-use items like beds, sofas, and dining furniture.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is crucial when furnishing your first apartment. As a new renter, you may have upfront expenses such as estate agent fees, rent, and deposits, which can take a chunk out of your cash reserves. Opting for furniture rental allows you to spread your expenses over time and avoid a large upfront payment for expensive items. Determine how much you can comfortably allocate to rent furniture each month and stick to that budget.


Choose Furniture Styles for Your Property

When selecting furniture, consider the style and aesthetic of your property. Choose furniture that complements the space and fits within the usable area. Avoid overcrowding by selecting pieces that are appropriately sized for each room. Remember, you want to create a comfortable and functional living environment, not one where you have to climb on a sofa to close the curtains.

Personalise Your Space

While rental furniture provides the foundation for your apartment, don't forget to add personal touches to make it feel like home. Home décor items like rugs, lamps, and mirrors can transform a space and reflect your personality. Even if you're not allowed to make changes to the walls or flooring, these small details can make a big difference in creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

Plan for the Future

As a first-time renter, it's important to consider your requirements when it comes to furniture. If your lease agreement is for a limited time, purchasing large, expensive items may not be the best option. Renting furniture on a short-term basis offers flexibility and allows you to upgrade or return items when your living situation changes. This way, you can adapt to new spaces without the hassle and cost of moving furniture.

Furnishing your first apartment doesn't have to be overwhelming. With careful planning and the right furniture choices, you can create a comfortable and stylish living space. Our furniture for rental properties offers convenience, affordability, and flexibility, making it the perfect solution for new renters. Our short and long-term furniture rental services for renters are specially tailored to help you furnish your new apartment with ease.

Roomservice by CORT can help create the perfect living space for your first apartment. From living room and bedroom furniture to decorative accent pieces or even home office furniture, we’ve got every room of your new home covered.

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