How To Furnish an Airbnb Property


Furnishing an Airbnb is one of the requirements of being an owner — however, you want to stretch a bit beyond the basics to attract quality and satisfied guests. Carefully choosing the best furniture for an Airbnb based on its size and type of property can increase your bookings, which certainly keeps everyone happy. The most important thing is that your guests are comfortable in style and will return. If you’re wondering how to furnish an Airbnb, there are many reasons why renting furniture is the ideal choice. Not only will it make sure your property stands out in a competitive market, but you’ll also be able to update the aesthetics with the latest furniture trends when you want a refresh.

Before getting started, make sure you take a look at our advice based on the type of property and our specially created Airbnb furniture checklists for each.


City Centre Apartments

The best way to furnish an Airbnb city centre apartment is to keep it simple. Don’t alternate themes by room in such a small space. When it comes to living room furniture and dining room furniture, stay basic and make good use of your walls for storage, such as tall bookshelves and room for storage. This gives your guests much more room to move and is an essential part of how to furnish an Airbnb. When decorating, remember the accentuating with dark colours makes a room look smaller, while lighter colours make a room look bigger. When it comes to your window dressings, rugs, and tapestries, think in lighter shades. Consider adding:

  • Loveseat for extra seating
  • Foldout and rollaway beds for more guests
  • “Occasional” tables
  • Wall mounts and entertainment centers


Similarly to an apartment, your Airbnb furnishing list should focus on a central theme that isn’t prone to clutter. You’ll want full amenities in the kitchen, complete with appliances so guests can cook small meals and breakfasts. A complete bedroom suite in the master bedroom with bunk beds in secondary bedrooms to save space works well. Depending on the layout of your townhouse, you can add some inviting outdoor furniture and other amenities, such as a barbecue. Due to the high turnover of guests, consider renting furniture that’s easy to clean so it isn’t a struggle at turnover time. If you have an outdoor space, consider adding garden games. You can also add:

  • Entertainment system (with video games, Smart TV, etc.)
  • Coffee maker or espresso machine
  • Ping-pong or fusball table, if room
  • Breakfast bar or nook

Country Houses

When it comes to furnishing an Airbnb country house, consider the house’s aesthetic and who your likely guests will be and their preferences. These travellers are likely looking for a quaint getaway and renting Airbnb furniture that accentuates the house’s unique character is your best bet.

Ensure your accent furniture and bedroom furniture are welcoming and that the rooms are spacious enough for people to move around. This is especially true if your property is able to host large groups, such as six or more. Consider adding home decor items to complete your look but remain in the same theme. You may want to add:

  • Complete and matching bedroom furniture
  • Themed home decor for the walls
  • Outdoor amenities, such as croquet

Remember that it’s just not the photographs that matter; when it comes to how to furnish an Airbnb, using high-quality furniture gives the property a more high-end aesthetic, resulting in higher rental fees and greater return on investment (ROI).


Properties Aimed at Working Professionals

Your Airbnb furniture checklist for business professionals may be slightly different. If you’re in a city centre with many business travellers, having a dedicated workspace and home office furniture are essential. Those travelling on business will expect a solid Wi-Fi connection, so make sure you have high-speed wireless. Business travellers may be tired and may not want a night on the town, so also consider TVs to rent if you’re furnishing an Airbnb from scratch. To attract professionals to your Airbnb property, the best furniture for Airbnb rentals like this is comfortable and high-end. Travellers want your Airbnb to be more relaxing than a hotel, so your Airbnb furnishing list should include:

  • Ergonomic office furniture
  • Dedicated workspace or nook
  • Outdoor amenities, such as a barbecue or pool
  • Wardrobes for hanging business clothes

For all of the above properties, furniture rental is the ideal option when you’re wondering how to furnish an Airbnb. It may be an initial thought to stick to basic furniture and, while minimalist is ideal for open space and travelling, you want decorative and comfortable furniture that guests can call home for a few days. The best way to furnish an Airbnb is to have an idea of what your guests need so everything is provided. This will result in positive reviews, Superhost status, and a greater return on your investment.

Roomservice by CORT can help when it comes to staging your rental property or finding the best furniture for an Airbnb. Our design specialists will help you keep it simple by providing everything needed for a comfortable home environment, from comfy beds and sofas down to kitchen appliances, bedding and housewares, while your guests are relaxing and enjoying their getaway or business trip in style.