Create your perfect Uni space

 Examples of decorating for a student bedroom

You’ve made it. All that work has come to fruition and you’ve got your place at University. Starting Uni is a big life transition and settling into a new environment can be challenging. It takes time to adjust to new experiences and all that University has to offer. You may be in halls or sharing a house with other students; whatever your accommodation is, with a few touches you can make your new space feel warm and homely.


Everyone knows that after a bad night’s sleep, you’re grumpy, irritable and will find it difficult to concentrate. The last thing you want is the reason for your poor night’s sleep being down to an uncomfortable bed rather than you partying to the early hours. Having the right mattress is really important. If the one you have at home is perfect for you, find out what type it is. Bedding is another big factor in comfort. Scratchy sheets and lumpy pillows will never get you to the land of nod, so bring your duvet and pillow from home or invest in a new bedding pack.


Most university accommodation is plainly decorated. To make your space feel like home, accessorize what you do have with items that make your space your own without damaging the existing decor. Hang up your favourite poster, put a throw on your bed or add some cushions. Put photos of friends and family on your desk – add a funky chair that you can relax on.

Study Space

Effective study depends on having the right space, time, and materials. Make sure your workspace is set up for your needs. A desk or table that’s at the right height and free of unnecessary clutter is a must and an office chair that properly supports you will ensure that you’re able to concentrate on your work rather than an aching back. 

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