Creating A Centrepiece In Your Home

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With spring having just arrived, the new season offers a chance to refresh your room layout and bring in new design trends that can be embraced in your home. From bold prints, soft hues and mid-century modern décor, using the right furniture and accessories within your home can help to create an attention-grabbing stylish centrepiece in your home.

When we think about home staging a room, we think about how our furniture can accent each room. Here we look at some of our ideas to help highlight key areas within any room in your home.


Some homeowners are fortunate enough to be able to highlight aspects of their abode that already draw attention but may just need a boost. Windows are fantastic features and will always draw attention, especially if you are lucky enough to have a view. Keep the windows as clear from clutter as possible as you want to flood the room with natural light completely unobscured.

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Fireplaces are probably one of the most common focal points and can come in a range of different styles to suit different homes. The key is to accentuate the fireplace, so complement it with a statement piece of artwork or a mirror. Alternatively, if you don’t have a fireplace, a large mirror and a side table can also help add to your room and tie it together.


If you are not graced with built-in focal points, accent walls are a classic way to create a focal point in a room because they are so easy to do but require minimal effort or money. Just adding a splash of bold colour or interesting designer wallpaper can refresh and brighten a room.

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Artwork is a simple addition to any room, with many favouring choosing one piece of statement art to draw attention. Another way to make an impact would be to have a feature wall, with lots of framed artwork or posters or photographs that reflect your personality and most definitely the part of the room your eyes would be drawn to.


Lastly, statement furniture is a big one. It can really be an incredible talking point, as well as providing the ‘WOW’ factor within a room. Hopping on the mid-century modern trend with decadent velvet sofas, marble coffee tables or even quirky bar tables will definitely be a cause for discussion.

It is important to remember that you may accidentally get carried away with decorating to create a focal point and potentially create two conflicting ones that will confuse your guests.

If you would like to change or renew a focal point, it all comes down to rearrangement. If you were trying to minimise the influence your fireplace has as a focal point, try and keep decorations off the mantlepiece and avoid any statement art or mirrors hanging above it. This will allow another aspect of the room to have the spotlight, whilst still acknowledging the previous focal point.

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This can be quite a difficult process as the living room is where everyone comes together, and it is important to get the best combination that works for you.

If you are looking for that wow factor, our interior designers incorporate furniture pieces that stand out in any room. View our recent installations, or get in touch to find out about our furniture rental services. One of our unique selling points is that you can rent new furniture with a choice of individual pieces in different styles, without having to commit to buying.