How to Plan, Prepare and Pack for a Long-Distance Move

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A long-distance move is certainly exciting, but it can be terrifying at the same time – you’re essentially starting a new adventure, yet the process of getting your belongings from A to B can cause heaps of stress. Luckily, we have put together some tips to help make your long-distance move a stress-free transfer.


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1)Early and Organised

Starting your planning early is vital – a long distance move is life changing so you should give yourself enough time to organise. By creating a systemised moving checklist, you will make it easier when packing each room in your home. To go a step further, you can designate a binder for your relocation documentation, from checklists to contracts.

2)Research is key

Before your move, it’s a good idea to investigate moving companies via online review sites to determine if they are the company for you. Get advice from others if you can and get a few quotes to compare prices. For your long-distance move and large capacity of belongings, the well-established moving businesses will make for a good choice!


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3)Lose the unnecessary and downsize

The cost of using a moving business will most likely be determined by the capacity and weight of your possessions. So, considering a downsize before shipping isn’t such a bad idea. Take some time to go through your belongings and decide what you want to keep, sell and donate. According to Marie Kondo from the hit Netflix series Tidying Up, you should focus on what to keep instead of what not to; and make sure you’re properly committed to having a tidy-out. 

4) Be smart with packing

Unfortunately, there’s a likelihood of losing or breaking your belongings when moving across the globe; and this can certainly add to the stress of the process. So, in order to prevent any misfortunes, you should ensure that boxes are sturdy and sealed with strong tape and delicate items are sufficiently wrapped.


For every box you fill, take care that each one is labelled with your name and mobile number. This way if there’s a mix-up or something gets lost, your items can be traced back to you. This is equally important if your packing your own boxes or the movers are doing it for you.
Upon arrival at your new home, labels can prove a fantastic way to reduce stress and increase the flow of unpacking. How? Well, sticking a label on your boxes specifying the room it’s for can help ease the exhausting process of unpacking and will tremendously improve your organisation. After all, you’re pots and pans don’t belong in the master bedroom; let alone upstairs!

6)Insure your belongings

With several miles between your old home and your new one, it is a good idea to look at insuring your belongings. Your home contents insurance policy might already cover some of your belongings when you move, so check your current policy as it could give you peace of mind during your hectic move. If not, there are various insurance options available online where you can insure your old house, new house and cover all of your belongings for the time in between.

7) Prepare your new home for the move-in

Does your new home require some work? Whether you need a new carpet fitted or you prefer the walls to strut your ideal colour scheme, you should aim to finish all the labour before the big move-in day. Have a look around for the companies who can complete the job. Perhaps your estate agent can help with this, as they often know the most reliable businesses in the area.

Are you relocating to a new home? We’re confident that these tips can help reduce the stress of your long-distance move. However, it doesn’t quite end there – check out how Roomservice by CORT can help. With a wide range of stylish furniture, you can choose a plan that suits you best, and we’ll do the rest.