How rental services can improve assignee satisfaction & save companies money


HR Professionals may be familiar with the following scenario: The assignees are provided with 30 days of company-funded temporary accommodation whilst their relocation company finds them a more permanent property, arranges the Tenancy Agreement and completes the check-in process. The property is all ready to move into when... the arrival of the household goods shipment into the UK is delayed!

The Dilemma ... Do you extend their stay in temporary housing until the household goods arrive?

The weekly cost for family-sized serviced accommodation in Central London can range from £1,000-£3,000, depending on the size and specifications of the accommodation. Extending temporary housing until the household goods arrive will immediately escalate the overall housing cost, because both the temporary housing costs and the rent on the new rental property will need to be paid.

Interim Furniture Rental Could Be The Obvious Solution

Interim furniture rental is a quicker, simpler and more cost-effective solution than many people realise. Renting furniture for one month (which can include lighting, bedding, linen, housewares, and accessories like TVs DVDs & stereos) ranges from only £1,000-£2,500 per month! We liaise with the relocation account manager or directly with the assignee and can arrange delivery and installation of a rental furniture package into the assignee’s rental property quicker and much more simply than many people believe. Additionally, we can usually turn this around within a 5-7 day lead time.

This turnkey solution enables assignees to move out of temporary housing, and settle more quickly into their rental home whilst awaiting the arrival of their own household goods. Aside from the obvious cost-saving for the company, there are additional benefits to accelerating the assignee's settling-in process. The children are able to start school and the employee can get acclimatised to their work commute, all from the comfort of their selected rental house, which has been transformed quickly and efficiently into a home!

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