Moving Abroad With Ease & Style: Choose Furniture Rental


Preparing for a move to the United Kingdom is thrilling and exciting, but there are also important details to iron out. One of the more important details is how to furnish your new flat or home. Do you ship your household goods at a high cost or opt for flexible yet stylish rental furniture? There are many reasons to choose the CORT Global Network to help simplify your move abroad.


Why Choose the CORT Global Network? Get To Know Us

The CORT Global Network is the United Kingdom’s top furniture rental provider , and we’ve been serving our clients proudly since 2001 to provide global furniture rental. CORT was founded in 1971 in the United States and quickly became the USA’s most recommended furniture provider.

Our global reach currently serves more than 80 countries, and our experts are passionately knowledgeable, helping your relocation to the UK be seamless and stress-free. Our in-country partners are well-versed in local culture and can help ensure you enjoy an effortless transition to your new life abroad in the UK.


Why Choose Rental Furniture When Moving Abroad?

You may be temporarily or permanently relocating for work. In either case, there are many reasons to rent furniture when relocating to the UK.

National shipping companies will ship your household goods abroad. However, this always comes with a hefty price tag and often delays in shipment. Unfortunately, many newly relocated people wait weeks for their items to arrive. There is also the chance that US-sized furniture will not have the correct dimensions to fit a UK flat or home. Buying furniture abroad is also an option but it can be an expensive one.

There are many benefits when it comes to renting furniture as it offers you the freedom and flexibility to choose the style that best represents you, your family, if applicable, and your new home. It saves you high shipping costs, delays, and worries over furniture sizing.

Furniture rental can be a terrific option if you’ve exhausted your search for furnished rentals in your new area. Furniture for hire can turn any dwelling — whether it’s a house, townhouse, flat, or studio — into a fully furnished home for rent in your final destination. You’ll be able to prioritise location and amenities and ultimately have a more convenient living experience.


Why Choose the CORT Global Network?

Several other furniture rental companies exist. However, CORT prides itself not only on its knowledge and expertise but also on the time and care we put into each individual or family as they go through the relocation process. We will work alongside you to determine what your needs are and ensure that you have your furnishings for as long — or short — as you need them.

Benefits of choosing the CORT Global Network include full-service delivery, installation, and removal of your items so that you can strike "furniture shopping" off your moving abroad checklist.

Our selection is expansive so that our furniture rentals can meet each client's individual tastes and needs. We have attractive furniture to rent for living rooms, dining spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, and home offices. In addition, we can provide home decor and other essentials so that your new home is move-in ready when you arrive.

How Do I Rent Furniture From the CORT Global Network?

Preparing for a move abroad can be overwhelming as you’re inundated with things to accomplish prior to the move. At CORT, we strive to create a pain-free process that allows you to spend your time preparing for life after moving to the UK.

To begin, fill out your furniture profile on our site. Your questionnaire is sent immediately to one of our CORT Global Consultants, who can then begin to get a feel for your furniture style and design needs. Your Global Consultant will ask about your furniture, decor, houseware, and appliance needs, so they get the complete picture for your seamless move. One of the CORT Global Network's partners will discuss with you the furniture rental packages and lease agreement terms that will suit your needs best. Our flexibility is unparalleled, so there are no worries, particularly if it’s a temporary move.

Our trained professionals will completely set up your home — your home décor, furniture, and everything that’s part of your package. When you arrive at your new home in the UK, you can immediately put your feet up and relax.

Are you ready to get started? Complete your furniture rental profile, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. We're thrilled to help you through the process of moving to the UK.