5 things to make your property stand out from the crowd

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As the snow clears and the mercury looks to rise above freezing, many of us look towards the Spring. Spring signifies for many, new beginnings, so it’s no surprise that the property market experiences a lift in instructions over the Easter period. But with the housing market still sluggish, what can you do to get the best price for your property and make it stand out from the crowd? We spoke to Alison Finegan and Marie Pocock, our in-house Interior designers for help:

1: First impressions

When you live in a property for long period, you can become blind to the first impressions your property may give off. Scrutinise the walk from the road up to your front door. Messy front gardens, weeds strewn paths, damaged or badly painted front doors can all lead to a bad first impression. Once you’re in the house, the hallway is the next thing to consider. Don’t treat your hallway as a dumping ground for bags and shoes, it sets the scene for the rest of the house. Refresh the paint work and keep it as clear as possible.

2. De-clutter and de-personalise

People like to imagine themselves living in a space. Nothing can ruin this illusion more, than viewing a load of clutter belonging to someone else! Move less attractive personal items out of sight, such as moving shoes out of porches and hallways and declutter small rooms so they appear larger and spacious. Make sure all of the beds are made and look freshly laundered.

3. Disguise the small spaces and go big.

In smaller apartments or small rooms, go for larger pieces rather than lots of smaller items which can clutter up the space. Choose items which stand off the floor so that more floor space is seen and visually the area looks bigger.

property collage

4. Clear the air.

I know, it’s not a design tip, but smelling last night’s dinner, or your sweaty sports kit is not appealing to a house buyer. Make sure you air the house before the viewing. Open the windows throughout the house to expel the ‘house’ air and let in some fresh air.

5. Know who you are selling to.

Your local agent will know who is likely to buy your property and advise you on who you should be making your property appealing to. Listen to their advice and adjust your living space as well as you can to cater for it. For instance young sharers will likely want neutral, modern, light and airy surroundings, with comfy shared living areas, sparkling clean bathrooms and space in bedrooms for desks and private chill space.