Furniture Rental For Bringing The Outside In

Elegant dining table, decorated with houseplants

Bringing the outdoors inside is not a new concept in interior design, but as the winter draws in, there is even more reason to bring your interior to life with a natural look. Houseplants and plant motifs are big interior design trends at the moment. Here we look at some easy ways and new twists in bringing the outside in when it comes to your furniture rental, home staging and interior design..

Bring the outdoors in

Rather than accent your furniture rental pieces with a few plants here and there, try bringing the outside in with an abundance of hanging and potted plants. Macramé plant hangers and plant stands are particularly in vogue at the moment. Varying the size and height at which your plants are displayed adds depth to your space, making it feel larger. This not only has a dramatic effect but there are also proven health benefits of being surrounded by plants.

Using houseplants in each room for a more natural look

Unexpected plants

If you want to try something beyond the usual varieties of potted houseplant and achieve a more contemporary look, cacti, bamboo, grasses and even moss can make a refreshing alternative. Groupings of cacti are an Instagram favourite, but for a more innovative approach how about vertical planting to create a living wall installation? Let your imagination quite literally run wild.

Photos and artwork

Outdoor scenes and the natural world provide endless inspiration for artwork and photos to decorate your walls. Interior designers are taking a fresh perspective on nature using extreme close-up photos of natural details to create striking wall canvases. So for example natural patterns such as bark, moss or leaves can make very effective subjects for artwork, adding both earthiness and contemporary simplicity to the decor. Through our Select design service we can source bespoke artwork that provides the perfect finishing touch to your interior look. 

A natural colour palette

If you don’t want to go too wild or have to care for living plants, but you still want to bring the freshness of the outdoors into your decor, try using colours from nature, such as rich greens and earthy browns. Add accent colours through your choice of wall paints or accessories. To make a statement, why not rent a key piece of furniture in this colour palette, such as our Chatsworth sofa in soft green velvet? Topped with botanical print scatter cushions, this will bring the sense of a summer garden all year round.

Bedroom and sitting room enhanced by decorating with houseplants

Echo natural textures 

The natural world also offers an abundance of textures and materials that can be used in the home. Think different types of wood, cork, wicker and bamboo. Choose furniture rental pieces that mimic outdoor textures, such as our walnut veneer Strata coffee table or a natural fibre Sisal rug with a sage green border. 


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