Dressing to Sell – Why Rent Show Home Furniture?


There is a good reason we call it home staging. When you’re selling your home you’re essentially putting your home on a stage and saying “here I am”.

First impressions count and that’s why experienced property marketers will put a great deal of thought into dressing a property in order to maximise its appeal to potential buyers. Having appropriate furnishings in a home is one of the fundamentals of achieving the best possible price. No matter how often we are told by countless property shows to only look at a space’s potential and ignore the contents and décor within, the fact is, we can’t help it. 

When buying a new home, you want to see that you can be comfortable in it and live in it. Even if the show home furniture isn’t to your taste, you can easily visualise where you would place your own items to make the house your home. Bare rooms with stark walls can feel somewhat constrictive and ironically rooms can actually seem larger when they’re full, as opposed to when they’re devoid of furnishings. 

So it’s clear that an appropriately furnished home is a property more likely to appeal to buyers, even if those very furnishings won’t form any part of the final sale.
But if the furniture is just for show, never to be used, why buy it - when you can rent?

Using the Second Hand Market
There is a huge appetite for used furniture in this country as buyers are keen to seek out alternatives to buying new from high street retailers who are often expensive and have long delivery lead times. This is where used furniture becomes a viable option. Barely used furniture can be picked up at a fraction of its new cost and can look just as good.

Avoid the Hassle with Rental Furniture
Dressing a property with quality furniture that only stays as long as it is needed is the cost-effective solution. Once you’ve sold your property, all of the furnishings can be taken away and you’re left with a neat blank canvas for the new owners. What’s more, if you furnish the property with furniture you’ve bought, you’ll be left with the headache of installing all of the furniture and arranging it. With our rental furniture service, you can leave the hard work to us while you relax. And when you need the furniture to be removed, it’s collected without leaving a trace. It’s that simple. 

Need Help Furnishing a Show Home?
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