6 Reasons Why People Rent Furniture

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If you’re considering renting furniture but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you, see if you fall into one of the categories below. If you do, renting furniture could be an excellent option to consider!

You may be asking yourself, “is renting furniture worth it?” The honest answer is it depends! For many people, the value of renting furniture goes far beyond what the furniture looks like and whether it’ll fit in their space. Renting furniture provides peace of mind that your home will be life-ready when you arrive, without having to lift a finger, or pay a moving company.

If you’re wondering, “why do people rent furniture?” then learn more about the life circumstances that drive people to the convenience of renting furniture. If you’re considering renting furniture but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you, see if you fall into one of the categories below. If you do, renting furniture could be an excellent option to consider!

Are you moving to a new city?

Whether you’re moving to a new country or city by yourself, with a friend, with your significant other or alongside your family, handling the logistics of moving — packing, finding a permanent place to live, and furnishing it — can be too many long-term commitments at once. Often people in this situation prefer to make long-term commitments one at a time.

The first order of business is to find a place in your new city that suits your needs. If you’re not sure how long you plan to stay, renting an apartment in a managed building with utilities included could be the solution for you. When you find your new home, it’s time to consider furnishings. Do you buy all the furniture needed for an apartment which you may not stay in for more than a year? Purchasing an entire an apartment’s worth of furniture can be costly, so why not consider renting your furniture?

For people who want to move without the hassle of buying, or bringing along their unwanted furniture, a furniture subscription gives you the flexibility to rent what you need, for as long as you need it.

Are you moving to a new city (or country) to attend further education?

Students who find themselves moving to a new city or country may need help furnishing their space. Not everyone can get into halls of residence and as a result, you may well be looking at renting a shared house or moving into a private rented property. Subscribing to a monthly student furniture rental package gives students (particularly international ones) the flexibility to rent a bedroom and desk set (for that house share) or an entire apartment’s worth of furniture for the duration of their school year.

The best part is showing up to University and finding your off-campus apartment furnished and ready for your personal touches! When the school year ends, and it’s time to return home, all you need to do is schedule a pickup time. Roomservice by CORT’s team will arrive and remove all the furniture — no heavy lifting required from you!

Are you relocating for work?

If a job opportunity is driving you to a new city, temporarily renting furniture can be an excellent option! Whether your work assignment is temporary or permanent, you may find yourself needing the convenience of getting your new space living-ready so you can start working as soon as possible.

For short-term assignments that will eventually land you back at home, asking if your company provides relocation furniture services can be a great start. If not, try searching for a furnished space! If you aren’t finding any luck with furnished housing, you can customise your furniture rental package for any sized apartment that fits your location and budget needs.

For long-term assignments that require you to move to a new location for an extended or indefinite period of time, you may want to consider long-term furniture rental or a luxury furniture subscription that will help you get your living space set up for the time being.

Will you be commuting long-distance to work?

Mega-commuters — those who live in one city and work in another — find themselves living out of their suitcase during the workweek. Rather than living hotel room-to-hotel room, some commuters decide to get a second home in their work city. Not only does having a second home for the workweek lend itself well to renting your place on the weekends through sites like Airbnb, but it also enables you to feel at home even when you’re miles away.

Super-commuters rent furniture temporarily until it’s clear their long-distance commuting will last longer than expected; they also rent furniture to relieve themselves from having to maintain two homes worth of belongings.

Are you selling a home?

Empty whitewashed properties can be viewed as ‘blank canvasses’ but they can also look empty and unappealing. Furniture and accessories can really help to show how much space is available and allow buyers to visualise how their own belongings would fit in.

However, purchasing furniture for a short-term need could be expensive. Furnishing an average 2 double-bedroom apartment with new furniture can cost in the region of £7-9k, a big investment when you’re not sure if the new owners will take the furniture with the property. So, what can you do?

There are plenty of home staging businesses out there that can help.

They can work with empty properties or your existing furnishings and suggest changes, or they can store what you have and re-dress. Many will offer a free quotation before undertaking any work. Or (of course) you can rent all your furniture and accessories from Roomservice and let us do the hard work. 

Are you entering a new phase of life?

From starting college to entering retirement — there are phases of life that make you feel like the next few months or years are a little bit uncertain. If you find yourself in a changing season, the best question to ask yourself to determine if furniture rental may be right for you is: “Is this change permanent or temporary?”

If the answer is, “I don’t know,” furniture rental can give you the freedom and flexibility to figure out what comes next without investing too much time or money in moving or buying furniture. If the answer is “long-term,” then investing in moving your current furniture or purchasing furniture you’ll keep for a long time likely outweighs the benefits of renting furniture.

Furniture subscriptions don’t make sense for everyone, but they can be a massive help for those who are going through a change in their life. If you’re approaching a fork in the road and the last thing you want to coordinate is furnishing your next place, explore renting furniture. Roomservice by CORT takes care of the details for you, from move-in, to move out.