Furniture rental myths not to trust

living room

As a furniture rental company operating for over 35 years, we've heard it all when it comes to myths about rental furniture over the years. But the truth is that furniture rental is now more popular than ever and offering an easy move-in-ready furniture solution for tenants is more important than ever. In fact, around 30% of all renters are looking for furnished options. By opening up to the prospect of furniture rental, you can open up more possibilities to connect and avoid the voids.

Myth 1: Buying furniture will be less expensive than renting it.

Just like buying a home isn’t necessarily less expensive than renting, the same is true with buying versus renting furniture—because it’s not simply about cost alone. With homeownership comes all the headaches like roof repair, boiler repair, replacing the carpet, repainting, and more. The same goes for furniture ownership.

You’ve got to store the furniture when it’s not in use or needed by a resident. You have to repair or replace damaged pieces. What if a renter wants a different style or what you’ve purchased falls out of fashion too quickly? What if you can't replace the sofa that matches the other furniture in the apartment? 

With furniture rental, the furniture flexes with you. Rent what you need, when you need it, and return it when you don’t. Update your offerings to match your residents’ tastes. Make it disappear when your attention needs to turn to other initiatives. Roomservice by CORT gives you the ability to not only save money but make money when you implement a furnished program.

Myth 2: Furniture rental services can’t keep pace with my property’s needs.

A rapid response time is built into our DNA. The inherent flexibility that comes with Roomservice by CORT Furniture Rental enables us to pivot our service along with you. When economic conditions change, when new competitors enter the market, when local environmental factors affect your operations, Roomservice by CORT helps you stay one step ahead.

Even as your residents’ expectations shift, Roomservice by CORT enables you to exceed them—and in record time. In as little as 48 hours, you can have a furnished apartment ready for your renters from the sofa down to the kitchenware and everything in between. Flexibility is key and no one is more flexible than Roomservice by CORT.

Myth 3: Furnished Apartments are only for short-term renters.

Furnished apartments are an expected amenity – full stop. With the growing demographic of “renters by choice”, there is a new generation embracing the shared economy as a lifestyle today. Furniture rental provides access without being tied down to owning the furnishings you want for as long as you want. No longer renting for temporary needs, furniture rental isn’t just for short-term renters. It’s a fixture and has been Roomservice by CORT’s expertise for over 35 years. As a shared economy pioneer, Roomservice by CORT is a dependable partner with the local knowledge and nationwide reach of Build To Rent housing partners whom you can count on to support a successful furnished program.