Is home staging worth it?

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When done correctly, staging a home should make your property appeal to the widest range of potential buyers and make your property stand out from others in the local listings. So if you’re undecided about whether to stage your property for sale, keep reading!

Everyone loves a blank canvas.

Blank canvasses are great, but they are also, well… blank. Not everyone is blessed with vision and blank canvasses can often make it hard for potential buyers to visualise how much space there is: “Will my sofa fit?”. Or how the space works: “If my sofa fits, will I be able to get out the door?”. Open plan living is seriously popular right now, but wide-open spaces can also create confusion. And confusion doesn’t sell homes.

I don’t want to spend money that I don’t have to, it might sell anyway.

True. It might go all by itself. But what if it doesn’t? Most online property sites record the date a property was first listed and savvy shoppers will look at your property and wonder why the house in the ‘hugely popular’ area has been languishing on the listings for 3 months.

I don’t want to invest in expensive furniture that the new owner may not want.

A wise move. Furnishing an average 2 double-bedroom apartment with new furniture can cost in the region of £7-9k, a big investment when you’re not sure if the new owners will take the furniture with the property. So, what can you do? There are plenty of home staging businesses out there who can help. They can work with empty properties or your existing furnishings and suggest changes, or they can store what you have and re-dress. Many will offer a free quotation before undertaking any work. Or (of course) you can rent all your furniture and accessories from Roomservice and let us do the hard work.

Furniture deliveries take time. I haven’t got time.

Not everything can be delivered the next day and when you’re ordering furniture, the lead time can be a week, if not more. Factor in the multiple retailers you may be ordering from and you’ll be waiting around for a lot of deliveries. When you’re trying to get your property on the market, this is not time well spent. Home stagers often have furniture in storage which can be brought out and used at short notice, or you can rent furniture from us. We can arrange a home staging project with delivery in as little as 48 hours and will install an entire property of furnishings and accessories in just one day. What’s more all this can be done while you’re enjoying a (socially-distanced) coffee with a friend.

Is home staging worth it?

Research undertaken in 2019 by the Home Staging Association says that 38% of estate agents said that home staging increased the offer value on properties by 1-3% and a further 32% said that staging increased the offer value by 4-10%. Read “Research by Staged Homes found that 91% of staged homes sell within one month. Similarly, they reported that a staged home can witness an increase of 6-20% in value”