Top reasons to rent furniture

living room

Supply chain disruptions have made a lot of us rethink how to decorate our homes over the last 2 years. With low supply and delayed delivery times, consumers have been forced to turn towards alternative resources like furniture rentals to meet their needs – and the reasons why go beyond what the pieces look like. So, if you’ve just moved into your new apartment, and you’re on the fence about how to fill your blank canvas, take a look at our top reasons to rent furniture.

#1. It is perfect for those who are on the move

Are you a budding young professional searching for a gig in one of your dream cities? A candidate applying for a job transfer? Or a student living in an off-campus apartment with plans to move the following term? When you’re in a kind of situation that keeps you on your toes, and you find yourself in a temporary home, spending a lot of money on new furniture doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Renting furniture, on the other hand, does. It’s perfect for short stays! You decide how long you’d like to rent, and when the time comes for your next adventure, you simply schedule a collection and we take care of the rest.

#2. It’s wallet-friendly

Let’s face it: the initial and long-term costs of upkeep with furniture can, indeed, cost a bomb. So, if you need a low-cost alternative to purchasing furnishings, then you should give renting a thought. In fact, the trend of renting furniture has emerged as a response to the exponential economic growth and skyrocketing furniture prices. And the movement is fast catching up by dint of its varied selection and cost-effective rates! You can have that magazine-worthy home at a fraction of the budget and hassle.

#3. It’s fast and hassle-free

Furniture shopping is time - and energy-consuming. And some of us have neither time nor energy for going in and out of shops, hunting online, searching for bargains, waiting for it to be delivered to our doorstep, and then setting everything up. That’s where rental furniture comes to the rescue. Furniture rental platforms like Roomservice by CORT are a one-stop solution that allows you to explore Move-In Ready® furniture packages, décor, housewares, and more for every room in your home.

Place your order, and the items you’ve picked out could be sitting in your home in as little as 48 hours. Roomservice by CORT will do all the heavy lifting.

#4. You can personalise your living space

If you’ve just moved in and you’re decorating your first apartment, then you’re probably shopping for furniture based on a budget. Another reason to lease furniture is that you can select from more stylish pieces that fit your personality and style. Choose a few statement pieces to transform any room from standard to unique.

#5. There are no long-term commitments

Don’t know what your style is? Another reason to get your furniture on rent is that it can help you identify and develop your personal style by testing a different options from the top down. That’s probably one of the best things about this growing trend – you can change your mind, whereas the alternative locks you into your purchase for a long time, even if the items go out of fashion or your style changes. Swaps and upgrades are easy with rental.

#6. Furniture Rental is sustainable

One of the top reasons to rent furniture is sustainability. So, let’s talk a little about that. While you might not believe it, furniture rental is truly one of the most environmentally friendly choices you can make. Think about it: once most people are done with their old furniture, odds are high that they will either find it a new owner or throw it away at the end of its life cycle. Furniture rental with Roomservice by CORT is much more eco-friendly because we offer high-quality furniture that’s been chosen with longevity in mind. In fact, after our furniture has completed its rental lifecycle, it’s moved to our CORT Furniture Retail Outlet to be sold rather than thrown into a landfill.

The “circle of life” our furniture undergoes saves tons of CO2 annually versus competitors who sell furniture new. End the trend of “fast furniture” by picking durable, quality-made, beautiful furniture and embracing furniture rental with Romservice by CORT.