Bespoke furniture rental service helps energy company meet assignees’ needs

Bespoke furniture rental service helps energy company meet assignees’ needs

When a corporate relocation specialist secured a major new client, it was clear that a bespoke solution was necessary. With a large number of assignees relocating to the UK on differing contract lengths, the provision of unfurnished apartments together with furniture rental packages was the obvious answer.


The new client was an international energy company that had recently changed its policy in regard to assignees’ furniture, who would no longer be able to ship household goods to their new homes. Due to the lack of suitable furnished properties for such assignments – which typically run for between 12 and 36 months – Roomservice by CORT stepped in to help.


Assignees could firstly choose an unfurnished property and then rent the items of furniture that best suited their new homes and lifestyles. And with Roomservice by CORT offering furniture of the highest quality and latest styles, the items were entirely suited to the needs of the company’s assignees. But Roomservice by CORT’s assistance didn’t end there. Working closely with the relocation specialist, Roomservice by CORT produced a bespoke furniture rental service, designed specifically for the end client. Furniture packs including items over and above Roomservice by CORT’s standard ranges were put together, all of which were outlined in a personalised brochure produced under the energy company’s brand.


In addition, employees from both the relocation company and the energy company were invited to visit Roomservice by CORT’s Chessington showroom and warehouse to assist them in choosing the right furniture for them.

Allied to a dedicated account management team, offering comprehensive support to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible, it is clear that furniture rental from Roomservice by CORT has been the ideal solution for the relocation specialist and its energy company client. It is a model that has been proven to work and can be easily rolled-out to other clients.

To see how furniture solutions from Roomservice by CORT could be the right option for you or your clients, please contact Karen Counterman on 020 8397 9344 or

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