How we helped an American Family with the transition home

How we helped an American Family with the transition home

Repatriating a family
Any assignee who has returned home will tell you that repatriating can often be as stressful as the initial relocation. Returning home (or re-entry) to a country that you’ve not called home for a long period of time can make it feel like an unfamiliar and alien place. One way of smoothing an assignee’s transition home to is to make their property feel as familiar as possible by making sure that their own furniture is in place for their arrival home.

Planning to come home
When it comes to shipping furniture home at the end of an assignment, there are two options.
The first option is to ship the furniture and household goods ahead of the assignee so it is ready and waiting for them when they arrive home. This is not always easy to arrange when a lengthy sea freight shipment home is involved.

The second and most usual option is to ship the furniture and household goods home at the very end of the assignment. Usually this means the lease on the property is still running, and without any furniture the assignee is moved into temporary accommodation while they wait for their household goods to arrive. This can be both expensive for the assignee’s company and disruptive to the assignee and family.

Renting furniture from Roomservice by CORT means that the assignee can stay in their rented UK property, rather than moving out into temporary accommodation. We can provide everything needed for a comfortable home environment; from the basics such as sofas, dining tables, beds etc., down to the details such as housewares, linens, lighting, TVs etc.

How we helped an American Family with the transition home 

We recently assisted TTA Relocation with an Assignee and their family with the transition home, Helen Townend, Managing Director TTA Relocation Ascot (pictured left) explains. “We had a lovely American family living in Ascot who had relocated to the UK just over 18 months ago, when the call came to repatriate them. Following a home search trip to the US, the discussions focused on the options for the transition back to the US.

‘It was agreed with their employer that their furniture could be packed and shipped two months before their departure, to enable arrival in the US for the start of the new tenancy and to ease their transition into the US. This was however to leave a big gap in the house here in the UK.
We recommended that a sensible solution would be to rent furniture for the last 8 weeks to bridge the gap until they were to leave. This ensured that they could avoid moving into short-term accommodation, which would have been especially problematic with children and the family cat. This was much less disruptive and stressful for the family in the last few weeks of their time in the UK to remain in familiar surroundings.
This short-term solution ensured that the family then moved straight into their new home in the US and accepted their shipment of furniture and belongings. This made the whole relocation experience finish with a very positive feeling for the whole family, true teamwork of solutions of which Roomservice by CORT played an important vital part.“
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