Moving to the UK from Australia - Kate Chard

Flexible furnishings makes property renting easy for Australian couple.

When her husband’s job meant a move from Melbourne to Marylebone, Kate Chard knew that one of the problems they would encounter would be furnishing their new home. After all, his job was on a short-term but open-ended basis, so how could they justify the outlay on a completely new set of furniture and fittings?
“It was something we weren’t sure how to approach it,” says Kate, 37, “but Roomservice by CORT provided the ideal solution. We called the managing agents of our flat, who recommended Roomservice by CORT and that was as difficult as the process ever got”, recalls Kate. She continues: “We found the process of renting furniture with them so easy and their staff so helpful that it just made sense to use them.
We ordered everything we needed– from beds to couches to tables to kitchen utensils – five days before we moved in, and when we arrived it not only had all been delivered, but unpacked as well." “What particularly impressed us was that the customer service didn’t stop once the furniture had arrived.
One of the lamps we had rented was accidentally broken and a replacement was delivered the very next day. When you combine this level of service with the very reasonable rental costs, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Roomservice by CORT to friends in a similar position to us.”

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