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Dress to Let

Roomservice by CORT can transform an empty rental property into a desirable home environment for your tenants in a matter of days. We offer over 300 items of residential furniture for rent that are appropriate for every type of rental property, from a modern London apartment to a rural family home.

Why Choose Roomservice by CORT for your Buy to Let Furniture? 


  • Flexible rental agreements 1 month -
    3 years
  • No initial large expense furnishing the property
  • Large range of high quality furniture available
  • Delivered and installed by an expert team
  • We can match the terms of your tenancies so you can re-furnish for each tenant
  • You can incorporate the cost into the tenants' rent
  • Tenants take better care of new good quality furniture so replacement costs are lower
  • Our furniture is durable and long-lasting
  • Furniture packages are flexible, you can provide 
    the basics or all home comforts
  • We have been providing landlord furniture packages for over 30 years and can give expert advice based on our experience

How Landlord Furniture Rental Works

We know that furniture rental is not too common in the UK and you may not have come across it before, but it is very common in the USA, and with good reason: it makes your life easier! Roomservice by CORT is owned by CORT, the World’s largest furniture rental company. So we know a thing or two about providing excellent service for our customers. For a typical buy to let furniture rental package you would be looking at the following process:

  1. Landlord browses our landlord furniture packages and contacts us
  2. Our experts discuss the landlord’s requirements with them and advise on the best furniture packages for their needs
  3. Landlord signs contract
  4. Roomservice by CORT meet landlord at the property and expertly deliver and place all home furnishings (typically available within 1 week of signing contract)
  5. Landlord makes monthly payments and contacts Roomservice by CORT with any questions or additional requirements
  6. At the end of the tenancy Roomservice by CORT collect all furniture from the property

Buy to Let Furniture

An alternative to offering your rental property furnished is to use one of our buy to let furniture packages to “dress” your property whilst it is on the market. Rather than having potential tenants view an empty property, or a property filled with the last tenants’ belongings, Roomservice by CORT can transform your buy to let property into the dream home your prospective tennants are looking for.

Your new tenant then has the choice of either renting the furniture directly from us, or we can remove the full furniture package before they move in.

As well as furniture, we can dress the property with other items such as rugs, prints, mirrors, lighting, housewares, televisions and other dress accessories. Our experience in property marketing means that we can advise you on the best pieces to include to help market your property to the right audience and yield the best rental return.

View some of our recent installations to see just what we can offer you and contact us to find out more about landlords furniture and buy to let furniture packs.