Furniture Hire Edinburgh: Relocation Furniture Rental In Scotland

Edinburgh is a prime location in Scotland and an important city as the Scottish capital offers a lot in terms of culture and business. Its prominence has earned it the nickname of ‘the Athens of the North’, and is an important area that we work in.

Although we’re based in Surrey, close to London, we have considerable experience in helping people relocate to Edinburgh. We’re especially experienced in relocating American families, and we offer relocation furniture to help make the transition smoother and less stressful all-round.

The city of Edinburgh is also a big property hub; with many people looking to rent or sell a property. Roomservice by CORT is also well placed to provide furniture rental for landlords and those interested in property marketing.

Browse our furniture rental packages and get your quote today.

  • “Roomservice by CORT are a trusted and proven supplier/partner who we have worked with for many years. Professional, highly dependable with excellent service and product offerings to match, Curzon is very pleased to recommend them to our clients and to other relocation and property professionals.”

    James Moss, Managing Director, Curzon Relocation

  • “I have just finished a two year furniture rental contract with Cort and it has been a very positive experience. The staff were very helpful during the furniture selection process and the delivery people were extremely professional and proficient. The furniture itself was good quality and fit for purpose. Based upon my experience I absolutely recommend Roomservice by Cort for people looking for a furniture rental solution.Thank you for everything, it was a pleasure working with you.”

    T. Phillips, Vectura Limited

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