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Roomservice by CORT is a Surrey based provider of high quality furniture rental for individuals, couples and families relocating within the UK and those moving to the country from overseas.

We provide a turnkey short and long-term furniture rental service in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We serve Essex, Cambridge and east England and as well as Oxford and Bristol and Bath. We also cover Birmingham and the whole of the Midlands and northern England, including the surrounding areas of Manchester and Leeds. If you are relocating to Scotland, we serve both Edinburgh and Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Our furniture packages are suitable for a variety of purposes, including relocation furniture, if you are moving to another part of the country on a temporary basis and looking for a home away from home. We also offer specially tailored furniture leasing for rental properties with flexible terms bases around the tenants’ tenancy agreement.

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Are you letting a flat or selling your house? Our property marketing solutions are ideal for maximising your yields. Our home staging service is ideal if you are looking to get a quicker sale of your home, whereas our furniture for landlords is ideal to provide your tenants with stylish furniture that will make them feel at home as soon as they move in. If you’re renting out a holiday home, our Airbnb furniture rental packages will ensure that you’re maximising yields on your property.

"You had fun, yet practical ideas for furniture for teen bedrooms, comfortable furniture for living areas and the kitchen. When we reached London, we had a home waiting for us versus the struggle of a vacant flat. Roomservice by CORT took the strain out of the moving hassle. With their help, my family could focus on living in London versus grumbling while we waited for furniture deliveries."


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