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If you're moving into an unfurnished property on a short-term basis, our furniture rental service is an excellent solution. We supply furniture, homewares and white goods on rental basis. This enables you to have high quality, desirable furniture, and to spread the cost of the furniture over your rental period. Choose your items by the piece, by the room or call us for assistance. 

We can provide furniture rental in London,Surrey,Manchester and other areas within the UK. To give you ultimate flexibility, if you are not sure about buying or renting you don’t have to make a permanent decision until you’re ready. Rent today and if you choose to own later, you can purchase the items you enjoy living with.

Moving house is a costly process and depending on your situation the additional cost of furnishing a property can be crippling. Not to mention having to make the sacrifice of what you like for what you can afford. Do not give in to flat pack furniture! If you are renting a property, Roomservice by CORT offers tenants a wide choice of furniture and household goods to choose from, including designer luxury furniture and high quality, contemporary furnishings on a budget. Look at our residential furniture for hire and contact us for a quote. You could be pleasantly surprised!

All of the furniture has been carefully sourced to ensure that not only does it look stylish, but it is also durable and practical for day-to-day living. We also provide everything needed to turn your house or apartment into a home, from home entertainment systems to lighting, housewares and bed linen. All of our items are delivered directly to each property and our experienced installation team will work with you to create the best possible layout before ensuring the property is left clean and tidy. It’s all part of the service.


How furniture rental works

We know that furniture rental is not too common in the UK and you may not have come across it before, but it is very common in the USA for a very good reason: it makes your life easier! Roomservice by CORT is owned by CORT, the World’s largest furniture rental business. So we know a thing or two about how to provide an excellent service for our customers. For a typical furniture rental package for tenants you would be looking at the following process:

  1. Tenant browses our furniture ranges and contacts us

  2. Our experts discuss the tenant’s requirements with them and advise on the best packages for their needs

  3. Tenant signs contract 

  4. Roomservice by CORT meet tenant at the property and expertly deliver and place all home furnishings (typically available within 1 week of signing contract)

  5. Tenant makes monthly payments and contacts Roomservice by CORT with any questions or additional requirements

  6. At the end of the tenancy Roomservice by CORT collect all furniture from the property 

Benefits of Roomservice by CORT:

In addition to the excellent quality of our rental furniture, the high level of customer service that we maintain, our extensive experience and notable customer feedback here are a few more reasons why you should choose Roomservice by CORT for your furniture rental:

  • Flexible rental terms - from one month to three years

  • Large range of high quality furniture available

  • Delivered and installed by an expert team 

  • Can match furniture rental agreement to the term of your tenancy agreement

  • Good value for money

  • Our bespoke interior design service, Select, is available which allows you the freedom to choose from non-stock items to achieve the exact look you want

Contact us to find out how we could help you to furnish your new home, or browse our residential furniture and build your own quote by adding the items you would like to your basket.

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