Long-term Furniture Rental For Renters


When you’re renting a property on a long-term basis it’s important that it feels like your home and that it expresses your personality while having that homely feel.

As most long-term rental properties are rented out unfurnished, this isn’t always possible, unless you invest large amounts of money in the furniture and furnishings. Unfortunately, when renting a property, there tend to be large costs involved that can impact the funds you put aside for furnishing and decorating the property in your own style. 

Our long-term furniture rental service for renters and residents is the ideal solution and you could have your dream home in only a couple of days with our highly trained staff delivering and installing everything for you. You can even spread the cost of furniture rental with monthly fees, allowing you to budget.

If you prefer to complement your existing furniture and décor, you can opt to rent items by the piece.


Furnish Your Rental Property On Your Terms

You can decide how long you would like to rent the furniture and benefit from greater savings when opting to choose a long-term contract compared to furnishing a short term rental. We are more than happy to offer you peace of mind and match your long-term property tenancy to our own contract, which can then be extended in line with your tenancy.

We know that there is often a degree of uncertainty when it comes to renting a property, which is why we are happy for you to have the furniture on a rent to buy basis. If you stay in the property in the long-term and would prefer to purchase the furniture, that can be arranged.

Got questions? Get in touch with our friendly team now for further information and furnish your rental property in as little as 48 hours!