Rent the Lincoln Mirror Small

Lincoln Mirror Small

H 80cm x W 60cm x D

Rent the Port Mirror Large

Port Mirror Large

H 31cm x W 31cm x D

Rent the Halo Mirror

Halo Mirror

H 90cm x W 90cm x D

Rent the Francis Mirror

Francis Mirror

H 88 cm x W 88 cm x D

Rent the Scarlett Mirror

Scarlett Mirror

H 97 cm x W 97 cm x D

Rent the Lincoln Mirror Large

Lincoln Mirror Large

H 120cm x W 80cm x D

Rent the Port Mirror

Port Mirror

H 26cm x W 26cm x D

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A well-placed mirror can help give a sense of a greater amount of space in a room. When carefully placed opposite a window, it can help bring natural light and greenery into the room, helping to create a variety of colours and tones. At Roomservice by CORT, we offer a range of mirrors to rent in various styles from elegant to minimalistic. Each of our mirrors will help you achieve your desired look, whether you’re looking for something understated or a mirror that will captivate your guests as they enter the room. Complement your mirror with our range of rugs and lamps to rent, and make sure you’re getting the right ambience in any room.