Upholstery Type

Chair Type


Primary Material

Rent the Matius 3 Seat Sofa

Matius 3 Seat Sofa

H 83cm x W 205cm x D 85cm

£74.40 per month

Rent the Wise Chair

Wise Chair

H 86cm x W 69cm x D 75cm

£86.40 per month

Rent the Porto Sofa

Porto Sofa

H 78cm x W 183cm x D 90cm

£118.80 per month

Rent the Loren Chair

Loren Chair

H 70 cm x W 80 cm x D 65 cm

£84.00 per month

Rent the Winston Sofa

Winston Sofa

H 79cm x W 212cm x D 100cm

£174.00 per month

Rent the Brooke Corner Sofa

Brooke Corner Sofa

H 78cm x W 258cm x D 203cm

£174.00 per month

Rent the Flynn Sofa

Flynn Sofa

H 79cm x W 177cm x D 87cm

£80.40 per month

Rent the Archie Chair

Archie Chair

H 77cm x W 77cm x D 80cm

£60.00 per month

Rent the Ivy Sofa

Ivy Sofa

H 80cm x W 224cm x D 106cm

£150.00 per month

Rent the Ensemble Bench

Ensemble Bench

H 79cm x W 152cm x D 60cm

£42.00 per month

Rent the Ellis Chair

Ellis Chair

H 83cm x W 86cm x D 80cm

£66.00 per month

Rent the Quin Chair

Quin Chair

H 84cm x W 77cm x D 74.5cm

£54.00 per month


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Accent chairs add style and comfort to your living room, kitchen, study or home office. Roomservice by CORT offers a range of accent chairs to rent that can be used in any room in your home to add functionality while incorporating your unique style. Whether you need accent seating to relax and unwind after a long day, or stylish seating to impress your guests while hosting, you’ll find your ideal accent chairs to rent. While you’re here, make sure you look at our full range of decorative furniture, including accent tables and footstools.