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Rent the Fulham 3 Seat Sofa

Fulham 3 Seat Sofa

H 89cm x W 195cm x D 98cm

£74.40 per month

Rent the Leonardo 3 Seat Sofa

Leonardo 3 Seat Sofa

H 83cm x W 205cm x D 85cm

£74.40 per month

Rent the Ivy Sofa

Ivy Sofa

H 80cm x W 224cm x D 106cm

£150.00 per month

Rent the Ensemble Bench

Ensemble Bench

H 79cm x W 152cm x D 60cm

£72.00 per month

Rent the Fulham Sofa Bed

Fulham Sofa Bed

H 96cm x W 184cm x D 96cm

£123.60 per month

Rent the Harriet 3 Seat Sofa

Harriet 3 Seat Sofa

H 83cm x W 205cm x D 85cm

£84.00 per month

Rent the Orson Sofa

Orson Sofa

H 90cm x W 183cm x D 101cm

£108.00 per month

Rent the Winston Sofa

Winston Sofa

H 79cm x W 212cm x D 100cm

£174.00 per month

Rent the Oscar Corner Sofa

Oscar Corner Sofa

H 79.5cm x W 223 X 255cm x D 84cm

£154.80 per month

Rent the Harriet 2 Seat Sofa

Harriet 2 Seat Sofa

H 83cm x W 175cm x D 85cm

£75.60 per month

Rent the Porto Sofa

Porto Sofa

H 78cm x W 183cm x D 90cm

£118.80 per month

Rent the Brooke Corner Sofa

Brooke Corner Sofa

H 78cm x W 258cm x D 203cm

£174.00 per month


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Discover our sofas, corner sofas and sofa beds to rent and find a delightful selection that offers comfort and style while ensuring that you’re making the best use of the space available. We have temporary sofas to suit every budget and taste; whether you’re looking for a compact 2-seater sofa for a city apartment or a grand sectional sofa that exudes class and sophistication, all of our rental settees are an ideal way to update your living room with a fresh and exciting look.


Our rental sofas can be rented by the piece or as part of a living room set that includes chairs and an occasional table that can be complemented by other items from our living room furniture collection, including coffee tables and storage and entertainment units. All of our couches for lease come with white glove delivery and installation; contact our team for further information or get your personalised quotation online now.