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We’re based in Chessington in Surrey, so we know the area very well and will keep your furniture hire delivery costs to a minimum. Not only is it a beautiful location with many wide open green spaces, it’s also a popular destination for living and working outside of London.

Being based right in the heart of Surrey and having considerable experience in the area Roomservice by CORT is the perfect choice for people looking for relocation furniture or show home furniture to let or sell a house in the County.

Browse our furniture packages and get a quote today for all of your Surrey furniture hire needs.
  • “I recently had occasion to use Roomservice by CORT to furnish and equip temporary accommodation for us after a fire rendered our home uninhabitable.The house once they'd finished was a home without any further input from me. They even hoovered up afterwards to ensure everything was pristine. All in all I cannot recommend you highly enough, and I appreciate you going the extra mile when we really needed the help.”

    J. Fernandez

  • “I highly recommend Roomservice. The service they offer has so far saved us money and removed days of unnecessary work from my task list. The experience and level of service has far exceeded anything I could have hoped for and I look forward to working with Roomservice for many years to come.”

    Gap Inc

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