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Sussex is one of the most populous historic counties, and is a prime location for many people working in London. It’s a border county to Surrey, where we are based, and as a result we know it very well as it’s a place where we work quite often. Seeing as we’re nestled in the South East, we know a lot about the area. It’s a very pleasant place to live and work, and it’s a prime location for people looking to relocate close to the capital.

Because of our expertise Roomservice by CORT is an excellent choice when looking for relocation furniture in the county, as well as show home furniture if you’re looking to sell or let a house in Sussex.

Take a look our selection of furniture packages or get a quote for a full estimate of the costs of furniture hire in Sussex today.

  • “You had fun, yet practical ideas for furniture for teen bedrooms, comfortable furniture for living areas and the kitchen. When we reached London, we had a home waiting for us versus the struggle of a vacant flat. Roomservice by Cort took the sting out of the moving hassle. With their help, my family could focus on living in London versus grumbling while we waited for furniture deliveries.”

    Mrs J. Hersh

  • “We highly recommend Roomservice for their friendly, efficient and professional service. We recently had seven executive apartments, which needed to be equipped to an identical standard and required delivery and installation on the same day. They pulled out all the stops and the move was organised with military precision.”

    Relocate UK

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