Our staff have been contributing to the COVID support efforts

Covid help collage

Jo Rashbrook, a Customer Service Consultant at Roomservice by CORT for over 10 years (pictured below left) volunteered to provide fabric masks to the NHS who were running out of PPE as the COVID situation worsened in the Spring. Jo sewed masks, scrubs, and even provided laundry bags so NHS staff could take dirty uniforms home safely. As the need for masks increased, Jo found herself making PPE for care homes, fire stations and even bus drivers.

As the NHS now have enough PPE, Jo has turned her talents to making small bags for children suffering from cancer to carry their medication in. She is also knitting cannula sleeves for newborn babies to prevent them from pulling their medication tubes out, as well as making bandannas for children who are suffering from cancer and have lost their hair due to treatment. One very busy lady!

Delivering food and essentials

Panic buying caused shortages of supplies for many who couldn't get to the supermarket early on in the day. Danny Bartholomew who has worked for over 5 years in our warehouse at Roomservice by CORT, volunteered with his two young daughters to deliver essential food packages, meals and PPE to the elderly, vulnerable, hospitals, ambulance, and fire stations in his local area. As you can see his daughters worked very hard and the recipients of the items were very pleased!


We’re all incredibly proud of Jo and Danny. We hope you are too!