How to Shop for the Ideal Desk for Your Working Style

Choosing the right desk can enhance workflow and turn your office into a showplace to impress visitors and coworkers. A computer desk tends to be one of the most important pieces of office furniture because it serves as an active work area and the hub of activity in an office. Desks are also large enough to serve as a focal point in your office décor. These tips can help you select the right desk for you. 

The Dimensions That Matter the Most

A desk needs to fit both your body height and the available space in your office to incorporate smoothly into a comfortable, functional part of your daily work routine. Dimensions to check include:
  • The available floor space in your office: You need these essential length and width measurements to narrow your search to desks that fit. 
  • The height of the desk: Desks are usually between 28 inches tall and 30 inches tall. But note, by adjusting the height of the chair, individuals of any size or shape can comfortably use standard height desks.
  • Big vs. small: Will your desk fill all the available space? A large desk makes a statement in a room. It also can make a co-working feel more welcoming and conducive to high levels of productivity. 

Choosing a Desk That Matches Your Office Decor

Set the theme for your workspace with a desk that complements your existing office décor. Computer desk styles can be open with a table-like flair if you want to create a casual vibe for meetings and brainstorming sessions. Desks with a lot of drawers provide a way to organize your space beautifully. Desk surfaces add both visual appeal and can simplify tidying up when it's time to clean. Durable and functional desk surface materials include:
  • Laminate: A variety of colors and textures create a youthful, trendy effect. 
  • Metal and steel: Find colors to match almost any color scheme, or you can go with a somber metal tone for a modern-industrial effect. 
  • Wood or veneer: Desks crafted from wood or embellished with wood-grained veneer add a classic effect to office décor. 

How You Use Your Desk

Each person has a unique work style, and your overall workspace reflects that style. The right desk can help set everything in motion. It starts with how you tend to work. How organized or cluttered your area is when you're deep in thought is one thing to keep in mind. If clutter rules, then a desk with drawers that operate smoothly can help you tidy up quickly at the end of a work session. If you tend toward minimalism, then a sleek, table-style desk may be just what inspires you. 

Desks for Computer Users

If computer use dominates your day, then a desk with integrated ports and places to run cords and cables is a way to keep cords neatly hidden away. Ergonomics experts recommend desks for computer use should put the computer monitor right at or just below eye level. Other useful features in a computer desk is a pullout keyboard shelf that allows comfortable arm placement to reduce hand, wrist, and forearm strain. 

Sit-to-Stand Options

One last tip is to consider: your level of health-consciousness. Recent studies have found that sitting for long periods has a comparably detrimental effect on your health to that of smoking a cigarette. Standing desks are made to get you out of the chair and onto your feet, and help counteract the negative impact of long hours of sitting. As these types of desks have gained in popularity in recent years, there are now a number of types of sit-to-stand desks available to fit both your space and your working style.  
If you want to give a desk a test drive, then let CORT Furniture Rental help. Browse the selection of office desks and keep your options open until you find the perfect addition to your workspace.