How to use 2021 Pantone's of the year in your home

For over 20 years Pantone’s colour of the year has influenced design trends and colour schemes for our interiors. This year, Pantone has released two colours, ‘Ultimate Grey’, a mid-tone grey, and ‘Illumination’, a warm yellow. They explain these two colours as a “marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”


With much of the world struggling with the COVID pandemic, it’s no surprise that the colours chosen reflect stability and hope, however grey has been a  feature of interiors for some time and yellow can be a tricky customer to work with!

We spoke to one of our in-house designers, Marie Pocock on how to use the colours together in interiors.

Marie Pocock comments. “Don't be afraid to use yellow as an accent colour for an occasional chair or a feature wall, it can really make a statement in a room. There are many variants of yellow and if you find the Pantone Illumination yellow too bright, you can look for a warmer tone with a more mustard coloured yellow."

"Grey is the perfect friend to sit with your yellow accent pieces and it is now so easily available and popular in sofas, flooring etc but you can also add in other colours to suit your tastes and style. If grey isn’t your thing, darker blues and teals sit well with yellows to add a little depth, or if you want to add a little feminine touch, a hint of pink sits perfectly with a mustard yellow or any shade of grey." 

Want to start a little smaller? Look at using yellow as an accent colour in items such as cushions, accessories, artwork, or rugs. Check out our sunrise rug that would be a perfect starting point to add a little colour to your rental furniture package.


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