DIY Home Staging: Property Staging On a Budget

living room, bathroom, kitchen

In order to make the space look as large as possible, it is best to remove or store any items of furniture you don’t need and really pare down the look. Clutter can make a room look smaller than it is, your DIY home staging project should show off the space that is available, rather than fill the available space!

Consider using a self-storage facility to store large pieces of furniture and anything else you don’t need while the property is on the market. Self-storage options are numerous and increasingly flexible and affordable. You can usually find one in your local area from a simple online search. Hopefully it will only take a month or two for your home to sell, so the cost of self-storage should not be a considerable expenditure.

If your own furniture is looking a little tired or, for example, circumstances mean you have already moved your furniture to your new home, you may consider furniture rental. Putting that dilapidated bed frame in self-storage and renting a more lavish bed for a couple months may be an extremely cost-effective strategy in the long run. Choosing to rent certain key focal pieces can add a real wow factor as far as the prospective purchaser is concerned.

Try to depersonalise your home – the prospective buyer wants to see how the space can be used but they don’t need to know all about you and your family, so your personal belongings and clutter are best out of the picture. Remove all personal hygiene products from bathrooms – any products remaining on show should be few and good quality. Take down children’s artwork from the fridge and family photographs from the walls. Shelves are much better left for a few artistic objects, rather than heaving with nick-nacks and books.

Think about the little finishing touches and accessories that bring a room to life. For example, fresh flowers in the living space and attractive cookery books in the kitchen. New cushions can give a plain sofa a new lease of life and add a pop of colour. Scented candles or oil diffusers are a nice idea for bathrooms, as is a good quality handwash.

Generally speaking, you want your home to look like a luxury hotel room – minimalist, yet comfortable and inviting. Rather than hiring a professional home stager, by using our DIY home staging tips and a combination of self-storage and furniture rental, you can showcase your home at a relatively low price. It is worth investing in making the property look as appealing as possible so that it will sell quicker, thus saving you the cost of renting furniture or storage space for longer than a few months.

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