Can you benefit from furniture rental?

living room

Temporary living calls for furniture rental

You may be on a short-term work assignment or a flood or fire victim living in a temporary space. If so, your situation calls for short term furniture rental. You can rent furniture for one month or several – it’s entirely dependent on your needs. Furthermore, there are options when it comes to what and how much you rent – whether you’d like to rent by the room, or by piece; we can furnish your home quickly and efficiently.

There’s no time like now for renting furniture

If you’re a busy professional, the time-consuming process of purchasing furniture might not be right for you. Visiting furniture stores, shopping for the right pieces, transporting everything back to your home or arranging for multiple deliveries just doesn’t fit with your time frame. Instead, you should take full advantage of renting furniture – here you can shop online, enjoy the convenience of delivery and set up, and then return your furniture when you no longer require it.

Furniture rental for staging your property

Furniture rental can really benefit the selling/letting of your home. The Home Staging Association 2019 report found that furnished homes sell 3 times faster than unfurnished properties. With that being said, it’s a good idea to clear out any clutter and stage your living space with stylish décor.

It's important to evaluate the pros and cons of furniture rental versus purchasing – the ultimate decision depends on your circumstances. Whether you’re in temporary accommodation, at university, on a short-term work contract, or home staging your property, furniture rental may be the perfect solution for your situation.